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Is God Rational?

Modern science must assume from the get-go that everything in the world makes sense. Scientists assume that natural laws are fixed and that nothing happens without a cause; they assume that the world is fundamentally understandable by rational human minds.

Yet science also assumes that no “Higher Being” is interferring in our world; the equations of modern science don’t leave any variables for divine intervention. Should believers try to find gaps in current scientific knowledge in order to sneak God into a rational vision of the world? Continue reading “Is God Rational?”

Does Science Leave Room for God?

Does Science Leave Room for God?

There are problems with believing in God and trusting in science.  The easy solution would be to stop trusting in science, but as I have written before, I do not see how this could really be done.  Sure, I could say I didn’t put much stock in modern science, but those words would ring hollow if I then turned immediately to trained doctors and nurses in the event of an emergency.  Can a person who is already committed to modern science responsibly believe in God?  Many popular atheists, such as Richard Dawkins, are confident that the answer is No. Continue reading “Does Science Leave Room for God?”