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The Absence of God (Part 1)

As far as I can remember, I first felt the presence of God was when I was in the sixth grade.  My church, like many others in the early 2000’s, had just added an additional worship service to its Sunday morning schedule.  In this service, churchgoers wore polos and jeans rather than suits and formal dresses.  The choir and choir director were replaced by a five piece rock band fronted by a charismatic college student who often closed his eyes and raised his hands as he sang.  Instead of intricate, wordy hymns, we sang simple “praise songs” to God as if to a close friend or romantic partner.

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Religious Experience and a Month of Skepticism

As part of my twelve-month long “God Project,” I spent the month of December exploring atheism.  I had two main goals: (1) bring my own doubts about God to the surface, give them words, and see where they take me; and (2) identify problems in my current beliefs about God.  For more on my mindset going into this month, check out this post.

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Explaining religion without God

In my mind, the most challenging question facing atheism is that of religious experience.  If, as atheists contend, there is no “spiritual reality”at all beyond our physical world, then why do so many people claim to have experienced it?  This question is taken up by Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion, the Reasonable Doubts podcasters, and a handful of the famous skeptical intellectuals who are covered in Atheism for Lent.

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