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Learning to Pray Again for the First Time

Learning to Pray Again for the First Time

I learned how to pray when I was an Evangelical Christian.  Back then, prayer was just one small part of a bigger, intertwined web of beliefs and practices that made up my conservative Christian faith.

Since leaving Evangelicalism, I’ve found a different way to be a Christian – one that works for both my head and my heart.  But how am I supposed to pray now that I don’t buy into the entire Evangelical belief system? I still want to pray, but how?  This is an intensely personal question, because I miss the warm, consistent experiences of prayer that permeated my life before my doubts drove me out of Evangelicalism.

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God – the imaginary friend of Evangelicalism?

God – the imaginary friend of Evangelicalism?

I’m halfway through T.M. Luhrmann’s book When God Talks Back, and I’m loving it.  Reading this book is like revisiting my early spiritual development through the fresh, curious eyes of a newbie.

Tanya Luhrmann, an anthropologist (and not a Christian), spent four years trying to understand how God becomes personal and real for so many American Evangelicals.  She became a regular at a Vineyard church, interviewed her fellow church-goers, read Evangelical bestsellers, and learned how to pray.  Luhrmann’s book, When God Talks Back, shares what she learned.  It’s an outsider’s perspective on the inside of Evangelicalism.

The easy part is eating up When God Talks Back.  The hard part is knowing what to do with it.

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God, Brains, and Science Mike (The Absence of God, Part 3)

Have you ever heard of an atheist who regularly taught Sunday school at a Southern Baptist church and led his daughter to Christ?

Well, now you have.  Mike McHargue, better known as Science Mike, was a Christian fundamentalist who secretly became an atheist in young adulthood, only to become a progressive Christian two years later.  Somehow, Mike’s entire story, told in his new book Finding God in the Waves (also available in audiobook format), is even more bizarre than its highlights.

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