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The Weakness of God

The Weakness of God

Let’s say that the New Atheists are right: there is nothing “supernatural,” no “miracles,” and certainly no invisible god(s) interfering with the “laws of nature,” as the scientists say.  Let’s say that the dead stay dead, no matter what your Sunday School teacher may have told you.  Does that spell the death of God? Continue reading “The Weakness of God”

Rethinking Salvation, Sin, and the Image of God

What is sin?  Does God set up guidelines for us, then require us to follow them?  Is “sin” our word for disobeying divine rules?

If so, is it fair to fault people for their sins?  If we were born into sin, can we really be blamed for messing up?  Do people with severe intellectual disabilities or addictions really “sin”?  Are they to blame when they break the rules? Continue reading “Rethinking Salvation, Sin, and the Image of God”