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Faith, Critical Thinking, and Beliefs

Christians… Do YOU believe what could only be Unbelievable to others while disbelieving what THEY believe on Faith, the same way you do your beliefs? Why

Last night, an interesting post on a blog titled The Recovering Know It All by a guy with the username “KIA” posed several questions to Christians, all of which seem to boil down to the question quoted above.  If believers accept ridiculous truth claims “on faith,” then what right would one believer have to call a believer from another religion “wrong”? Continue reading “Faith, Critical Thinking, and Beliefs”

Why I think about God

Why I think about God

This blog is about the big questions that keep me up at night, especially the ones that have to do with God.  Here, I write about the books I read, the questions I ask, the podcasts I listen to.  Most of the time, it’s pretty heady stuff.

But who cares?  Why spend so much time thinking about faith?  To many Christians, my project will likely seem unnecessary, overly intellectual, an exercise in missing the point. Continue reading “Why I think about God”

Religious Experience and a Month of Skepticism

As part of my twelve-month long “God Project,” I spent the month of December exploring atheism.  I had two main goals: (1) bring my own doubts about God to the surface, give them words, and see where they take me; and (2) identify problems in my current beliefs about God.  For more on my mindset going into this month, check out this post.

Continue reading “Religious Experience and a Month of Skepticism”